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Homecraft Long Handled Combs and Brushes

Homecraft Long Handled Combs and Brushes

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  • Bathroom aid makes brushing your hair easier for people with frozen shoulder
  • Long handled comb can be used to style your hair
  • Helpful for people with disabilities or those recovery from surgery that limits shoulder motion
  • Durable brush is also useful for elderly people with arthritis
  • Choose from a brush or a comb to fit your needs


Homecraft Long Handled Combs and Brushes

If you can’t raise your arm or reach behind your head, you need this brush or comb for your hair. The lightweight plastic handle is easy to hold for people with limited strength. The handle includes a push-on extension piece that adds length. The hinged end piece can position the brush or comb in two different angled positions.

Ideal for people with limited shoulder mobility and flexibility. When not in use, fold the comb or brush into the handle and remove the extension. Then take the pocket sized item with you for on-the-go use or travel. This feature also make it easy to store in your bathroom drawer. Comb or brush colour may vary.


Adjustable Length

  • Brush length when folded: 235 mm (9-¼”)
  • Brush length with handle: 320 mm (12-½”)
  • Brush length with extension: 460 mm (18”)

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