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Homecraft Long Handled Sponge

Homecraft Long Handled Sponge

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  • A long-handled sponge makes it easier to wash up during a bath or shower
  • The coated wire can be bent or twisted to any shape to make bathing easier
  • This bathing aid is helpful for anyone who needs help reaching their back when showering
  • The soft sponge can be wet and lathered for independent bathing
  • This scrub sponge is the bathing aid

Makes Independent Bathing Easier

This long-handled sponge is designed to facilitate independent bathing. It is 24” long to reach hard-to-reach places and features a sponge that measures 3-¾” wide by 5” long. The wire is flexible enough to bend to any shape to make reaching easier.


Wash Hard to Reach Areas With Ease

Not all long-handled sponges have flexible handles. The bendable, coated wire of this bathing aid sets it apart and makes it an excellent solution for reaching your back or toes. This 24” long coated wire sponge features an easy-grip handle on one end and a sponge on the other.


Helpful Bathing Aid for Seniors and People With Disabilities 

As you get older, it can be difficult to bend down to wash your feet or to lift them up so you can wash them. Doing so might even put you at risk for a slip and fall in the shower. This long-handled bath sponge has a wire that is strong, but also easily bendable to be rotated, twisted, and moved in any position that helps you accomplish optimal cleaning without bending! It can be used by seniors and people with disabilities to bathe independently, by caretakers to easily clean residents, or for household cleaning tasks.



PAT-AA1831B – Short (380mm) 75g(2.75oz)

PAT-AA1831CY – Long (610mm) 100g (3.5oz)


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