There are many models of lift recliner chairs in the market, but based on my experience of working with many OTs and clients, I would say CONFIGURA COMFORT LIFT CHAIRs are my favorite chairs.



It’s a unique chair for users who are at risk of pressure damage, but it’s also a very comfortable chair for other people. Based on its description by the manufacturer, The Configura Comfort chair is appropriate for:

  • Users at risk of pressure damage
  • Users with current pressure damage (subject to professional assessment)
  • Ambulant, semi-ambulant, and non-ambulant users
  • Accommodation and encouragement of good posture
  • Users with neurological conditions
  • Users with a Kyphosis
  • Users with oedematous legs and/or fluid build-up


I like this chair because it is a highly configurable chair. It has small, medium, and large sizes. (There is a bariatric option as well.) The seat height of the small size is 406mm, which is very friendly to shorter users. In regards to seat height, there are options to increase the seat height by 25mm or 50mm with the Height Adjustment Kit (25mm or 50mm). There is also an option to lower the seat height with the help of Height Adjustment Kit (lowers chair 25mm). Not many chairs have this option!

All the chairs come with two seat depth options automatically; you can try the chairs in our showroom and get the right seat depth. If the default seat depths are not fit for you, you can also use a DEPTH ADJUSTMENT KIT to reduce the seat depth by 51mm (2 inches).



There are three pillows for this chair. Two standard pillows and one bigger top pillow. You can put the top pillow on the top like this:

(Photo of Top Pillow)


But you can also put the bigger pillow at the bottom to increase the low back support:

(Photo of Top Pillow at the bottom)


The pillows can be adjusted easily. You can even put them like these:


This doesn’t look right, but it might be good for users with kyphosis. For users who require better back support, they can choose a LATERAL SUPPORT BACKREST KIT, or even an ADJUSTABLE LATERAL SUPPORT BACKREST.



For users who require increased support for the head, they can choose a PROFILED HEADREST.



The standard Visco cushion is good for prevention of pressure damage. For users who require higher pressure care needs, they can choose to change the standard cushion to a self-supply cushion, or an air cushion - Cushionair - provided by the same supplier of the Configura chair.

(Photo of a standard cushion)



There are other practical reasons to choose a CONFIGURA COMFORT LIFT CHAIR. One of them is this chair has the Knock-down design for easy deliveries. This also means that the chair comes with a separate base, back, two arms, three pillows, two sides. As we explain to our users, if the chair gets damaged on its one armrest, you can simply contact us and purchase a new armrest, without the concern of changing the whole chair.


Although there are many benefits of using a Configura chair, we recommend users to try it before buying it. We have small size and medium size in our showroom for trial.

Please contact us at (03) 97356100 or email us if you would like to find out more about the CONFIGURA COMFORT LIFT CHAIR. You can see the product details here:


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