99MOBILITY(99健康器材店) 中文介绍

99Mobility was founded by a group of health professionals who have years of experiences of supporting elderly people and people with disabilities. The founder, Henry Liu, is a Social Worker. He is passionate about empowering people to live independently at home and in the community. Henry has years of experience servicing the most vulnerable people in the community, both in South Australia and in Victoria. He used to work as a Case Manager of the Home Care Packages and an NDIS Support Coordinator. After hundreds of hours visiting elderly people and people with disabilities, he and his team have the best firsthand knowledge of what people need to live an independent life at home.

99MOBILITY(下称“99健康器材店”)是由一群拥有多年支持老年人和残疾人经验的专业医疗人员创立的。其主要创办人刘先生是一名专职社工。刘先生致力于帮助人们在自己家中和社区里独立生活。他拥有多年的为南澳及维省弱势群体提供服务的经验。他曾任职老年护理服务个案经理和 NDIS 服务统筹。经过数百小时探访老年人和残障人士后,他和他的团队对人们在家中独立生活有最好的第一手知识。


We only source the best quality of products to support people living independently at home and in the community. All our mobility and independent living equipment are provided directly by our most trusted Australian suppliers. If applicable, all our products are registered with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and are tested to Australian standards. We have full confidence in the quality of our products.

我们只选择最优质的产品,来帮助在家中和社区里独立生活的人们。我们所有的器材均由我们最值得信赖的澳大利亚供应商直接提供。如果符合需要,我们所有的产品都已在澳大利亚治疗用品登记处 (ARTG) 注册,并按照澳大利亚标准进行检测。我们对我们的产品质量非常有信心。




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