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Hi-Lo Scoop Plate, 228mm dia, White

Hi-Lo Scoop Plate, 228mm dia, White

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Scoop Dish Helps Guide Food Onto Utensils

The Hi-Lo Scoop Plate helps scoop food onto utensils by providing the edge users need to load a utensil. The lightweight plate has a vertical wall measuring 1 ½” high and a diameter measuring 9” with a rim ¾” wide. In addition, the adaptive dining plate features a nonskid, rubber-coated base to prevent sliding.


Ideal for Limited Strength and Dexterity

The plate features a low entry wall that measures ½” high and increases upwards on one side. This helps provide a barrier that users can push their utensil against to scoop food without needing to twist or angle it. The low entry wall aids individuals with limited or diminished strength, dexterity, and mobility.


Made from Unbreakable Plastic Construction

No need to worry about breaking the Hi Lo Scoop Plate for it is constructed with unbreakable, scratch resistant plastic materials. The latex-free plate is top dishwasher safe and microwave safe. The latex-free construction of this plate helps accommodate individuals with latex allergies and sensitivities.



  • Individuals with a variety of conditions that limit mobility, dexterity, and strength can benefit from using this adaptive scooped dish
  • Features a low entry wall measuring ½” and a vertical 1 ½” high wall to guide food onto utensils without dexterous manipulation
  • The latex-free, unbreakable plate construction is lightweight and completely dishwasher safe for convenient sanitation between uses
  • Used in any direction to suit the users preferences and needs, the soft white color matches a variety of home and kitchen color schemes
  • With a diameter of 9”, the rubber coating along the base of the plate helps prevent the plate from sliding around during use
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