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Homecraft Curved Transfer Board

Homecraft Curved Transfer Board

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  • Assistive device help individuals with limited mobility move from one location to another, and to prevent slips and falls
  • The non-slip pads on the underside of the transfer board are designed to stabilize the board against surfaces during transfers
  • Ideal for bed, car, wheelchair, and toileting transfers, the curved board supports up to 336 lbs weight capacity and is safe for use during MRIs
  • Reinforced plastic construction resists chipping, shattering, and splintering and can easily be wiped clean to control the spread of infections
  • Dimensions of the curved transfer board are 27 ⅝” L x 14 ⅝” W, tapered to 10 ⅛” at the middle

Homecraft Curved Transfer Board

Designed to ensure safe movement, the Homecraft Curved Transfer Board helps an individual with physical limitations transfer from one sitting surface to another. The arched shape follows natural sweeping motion of an assisted transfer, helping prevent slips and falls. Made from solid, reinforced plastic, the curved board is waterproof and resists chipping, shattering, and splintering.


Enables Variety of Positioning Options

The curved board allows varied positioning to accommodate different transfer situations. With the slip-resistant pads down, position one end of the board under the user’s body and the other end on the destination surface. Position the board so that it supports full body weight and the curve facilitates the transfer.


Helps Increase Stability During Transfers

Homecraft Curved Transfer Board helps reduce the risk of injury and strain to the caregiver assisting with patient transfers. The smooth surface of the board is best suited for clothed transfers. For bare-skin transfers, a towel can be placed over the board for a smoother transfer. The transfer board is ideal for car, bed, chair and toilet transfers, encouraging independence with safety.

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