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Homecraft Double Sided Flannel Strap

Homecraft Double Sided Flannel Strap

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  • Flannel strap with handles makes for easy application of lotions, creams, and gels to hard to reach areas
  • Strap is fitted with D-ring handles which makes it easy to securely grasp even with arthritic hands and limited dexterity
  • Includes a matching hand mitt which can be used to exfoliate and cleanse other parts of the body
  • For individuals with limited flexibility or reach, this handy bathing aid allows users to wash their backs without strain
  • The strap measures 31-1/2" long x 4" wide and can be hand washed at 104°F/40°C

Flannel Strap Prevents Streaks

To help reach awkward places, one side of the strap features a soft terry surface ideal for washing. The reverse side features course foam to exfoliate and tone skin. The D-shape handles provide an easy and secure grip for better control. You can also use the flannel strap to prevent streaks in bronzers and tanning lotions, or apply sunscreen without the risk of missed spots.


Cleanses Hard-to-Reach Areas

For those with arthritis or challenged with limited upper body movement and a lack of dexterity, managing a bar of soap can be difficult. Using assistive bathing aids, such as the Flannel Strap and Wash Mitt, can help increase independence while bathing. The easy-to-use design is ideal for those with reduced range of motion who struggle to reach areas like the lower back, legs, and feet.


Supplied with Exfoliating Hand Mitt

The included wash mitt is ideal for washing or applying topicals to the rest of the body. The piece of terry cloth is shaped like a pouch that the hand fits in. The exfoliating mitt is designed to be used with water and an exfoliating agent or simple body wash. To cleans the body without irritating your skin, use the hand mitt in circular motions, versus scrubbing up and down.



  • Length: 711mm (28")
  • Width: 77mm (3")
  • Weight: 100g
  • Retail Packed
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