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Homecraft Easi-Grip Scissors

Homecraft Easi-Grip Scissors

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Easi-Grip Scissors are extremely lightweight with plastic handles and stainless steel blades. The continuous loop handle automatically reopens the scissors when pressure is released. This is why they are sometimes called spring scissors. As they require only a gentle squeeze to operate them, they can be used between fingers and thumb or fingers and the palm of the hand.

The scissors are a helpful adaptive option for those who have hand weakness. Includes a blade guard for safe storage when not in use. They are available with blunt, round blades for safety or pointed blades for precision cutting. Scissors come in both right and left handed versions.

All of the Easi-Grip Scissors are helpful for the those with limited coordination, weak grip strength, and other conditions that make using regular scissors difficult. Plus, the scissors can be used for use cutting threads, wool and fine craft work. The Mini Easi-Grip are ideal for both young children and those with restricted growth because of their smaller handle size. They can be used for cutting with the right or left hand.



  • Scissors automatically reopen when released
  • Lightweight scissors with stainless steel blades, gently squeeze to close
  • Helpful for the elderly and adults and children with disabilities
  • Options include right handed, left handed, or both right and left handed scissors
  • Available with round or pointed blades

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