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Homecraft Newstead Cutlery

Homecraft Newstead Cutlery

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A great cutlery option for those with arthritis or limited wrist mobility or hand grip strength

Newstead Cutlery features ergonomic, flexible, moulded plastic handles designed to adapt to the user’s grip. With a comfortable rounded shape, it fits naturally into the palm and is ideal for people with arthritis, neurological impairments and other conditions that cause poor grip. All pieces, made of stainless steel and containing no latex, are dishwasher safe.


Range of Options:

Four versions of cutlery, depending on needs, standard cutlery, angled cutlery, weighted cutlery, and one-handed cutlery.



Cutlery Type Utensil Weight
Standard Cutlery Set - knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon Set 320g / 80g per utensil
Angled Right-handed Fork 80g
Right-handed Spoon
Left-handed Fork
Left-handed Spoon
Weighted Cutlery Set - knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon
Set 520g / 130g per utensil
One-handed Splayed Fork
Nelson Knife



  • Ergonomic dining utensils are easy to hold and use
  • Can help facilitate independent self-feeding
  • Soft handles are comfortable to hold and non-slip
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