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Plastisol Coated Utensils

Plastisol Coated Utensils

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Protects the Teeth and Lips

The Plastisol-Coated Spoons are designed to protect your teeth and prevent minor injuries to your gums and lips. Excellent for individuals of all ages, the spoons however are not recommended for those with heavy biting reflexes.


Increases Thickness of the Bowl

The plastic coating helps increase the thickness of the bowl. It is designed to reduce pain and discomfort if it is accidentally knocked against the teeth or lips. Ideal for those who have a sensitive mouth, the plastic coating is FDA-approved to help prevent irritation and scratches.


Ideal for the Sensitive Mouth

The stainless steel utensils can be safely washed in the dishwasher for convenience. The Plastisol-Coated Spoons are available in a variety of options: Tablespoon, Long Teaspoon, Infant Spoon, Long Infant Spoon, Youth Spoon and Teaspoon. For accurate measurements of handle length and bowl thickness, see the dimensions attached.



  • The plastisol coating on these lightweight utensils protect the user's teeth, gums and lips from users with uncontrollable movements
  • Dishwasher safe up to 180°F, the spoons are recommended to be washed in cold water to help prolong product life
  • Not recommended for individuals with severe biting reflexes
  • FDA approved, adaptive eating utensils are great for both pediatrics and adults, designed to increase user independence at mealtimes
  • Available in a variety of options including: tablespoon, long teaspoon, infant spoon, long infant spoon, youth spoon and teaspoon
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