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Recycled Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Door Ramp 1:10 Gradient - Straight Edges

Recycled Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Door Ramp 1:10 Gradient - Straight Edges



Ramp Size (Depth x Height)

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Rubber Wheel Chair Ramps For Doorways - Australian-Made Recycled Rubber Wheelchair Threshold Door Ramp 1:10 Gradient for Safer Wheelchair Mobility


This Rubber doorway ramp rubber is 900mm wide and features utmost stability and a slip-resistance feature that makes moving easy. With its toughness and durability, the Rubber Ramp creates a smooth transition and surface area for all kinds of wheelchairs, and when it comes to installation, these ramps also have no trouble as they can be used virtually anywhere.

Available in a wide range of heights and depths and also with straight or winged edges.



  • The ramps with winged edges are larger in size. Wings are usually made in 1:4 gradient based on the height of the ramp.
  • if the ramp is 100mm high, you have to add a 1:4 gradient wing on each side. 
    • Ex: 100mm x 4 = 400mm each side
  • Standard ramps are 900mm wide so a 100mm high ramp with wings would be 900 mm + 800mm (wings) would span 1.7m in width.



Features and Benefits

  • Ramp reduces the risk of accidents
  • Manufactured in Australia from 100% recycled tyres
  • Unit is slip-resistant
  • Can be used and installed anywhere



  • Straight edge ramps are 900mm wide
  • Made of tough recycled rubber that's long-lasting
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • For installation, the ramp can be secured to the ground with Sikaflex 11 which can be purchased at a local hardware store.




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