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Sure Grip Bendable Cutlery

Sure Grip Bendable Cutlery

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Sure Grip Bendable Utensils

Sure Grip Bendable Utensils are sold individually or as a set of 4. The set of 4 eating utensils include the rocker knife, bendable fork, bendable tablespoon, and bendable teaspoon. The spoons and fork feature a twist in the metal shaft that provides easy bending to any angle, assisting those with reduced range of motion. The knife has a curved rocker blade that requires only minimal arm strength for cutting.


Accommodates a Variety of Grip Positions

Sure Grip Bendable Utensils feature the unique ability to bend just above the handle at a more comfortable angle for users. Bend to the left or the right to achieve a position that requires minimal effort. Accommodating a variety of grip positions, the adaptive utensils feature built-up rubber handles that are naturally slip-resistant and extra thick for individuals limited to using the entire fist.


Built-Up Rubber Handles Improve Grip

Designed to maintain user independence at mealtime, the bendable utensils help individuals with restricted mobility, diminished strength, and/or limited hand and wrist dexterity. The flexible ribbing along most of the rubber handle improves grip strength. The soft, cushion grip also prevents the utensil from slipping in the hand - even when wet! The built-up handle measures 1 ½” (3.8 cm) wide.



  • Designed to help individuals with restricted mobility maintain independence at mealtime
  • Angled rocker knife cuts easily and requires minimal arm strength
  • Accommodate a variety of grip positions for ease of use
  • Built-up rubber handles are naturally slip-resistant and extra thick ensuring a secure grip
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