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Sure Grip Cutlery

Sure Grip Cutlery

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Adaptive Utensils with Built-Up Handles

The latex-free rubber handles provide natural slip resistance and are 1.5” wide to ensure a firm hold during mealtime. The flexible ribbing along the handle helps accommodate different grip positions, aiding those with weak grasps.


Wide Variety of Utensils to Choose From

The stainless steel utensils are attached to 4” long, built-up handles and can be safely washed in the dishwasher up to 125-degrees for convenience. Sure Grips is available in a wide variety of utensils including: teaspoon, tablespoon, fork, knife, spoon, soup spoon and more. The adaptive feeding utensils are designed for both professional and personal use.


Offers Greater Independence at Mealtime

Easy to grip and manipulate, the Sure Grip Utensils offer individuals greater independence and comfort at mealtimes. The combination of flexible ribbing and a built-up handle offers more control so that the utensil reaches the mouth without spilling any food. Each of these adaptive utensils are purchased separately or as a retail packed set.



  • Ribbed handle enables different grip positions for users with weak grasp
  • Offers more control so the utensil reaches the mouth without spilling food
  • Stainless steel utensils are dishwasher safe up to 125 degrees
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